Ahoova Rodovsky

Ahoova Rodovsky

Modern Hebrew Teacher

A Few Words About Me

A teacher must adapt himself/herself and be responsive to the needs of the student. There are students who wish to talk about politics and those who want to learn about life in Israel. There are those who want to discuss grammar, vocabulary, and syntax. Ahoova works with every student in a way that works for them. She is currently retired after spending 35 years in the Ministry of Education in Israel. She lives in Rishon L’TZion  and has 3 daughters and grandchildren. She loves working at the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies and teaches advanced adults, mostly in private lessons.


Ahoova holds an MA in Judaism and Hebrew from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Professional Experience

For 20 years, Ahoova worked as a teacher for children in elementary school and then taught adults in Ulpan programs for immigrants. She spent time working in the Masah project and the Young Judea project. For the past 9 years, she has been working as a Hebrew teacher at the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies.

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