Dr. Yosef Flavio Horwitz

Dr. Yosef Flavio Horwitz

Dr. Yosef Flavio Horwitz
Academic teacher of Biblical Hebrew, Modern Hebrew and Aramaic

A Few Words About Me

Yosef was born in Brazil and lives in Israel for nearly 30 years. Yosef believes that teaching should be done in a way that gives a pleasurable experience for the students, and encourages them to like with the subject matter and learn more.


Yosef holds a BA in Philosophy and General Studies from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He holds an MA degree from the Bar Ilan University. His thesis is “Peace and War in Totality and Infinity of Emanuel Levinas”. Yosef got his Phd degree also from the Bar Ilan University. His dissertation was about the commentary of Rabbi Moses Narboni on The Guide of the Perplexed of Maimonides.

Professional Experience

Yosef’s professional experience includes creating and developing courses, and over 25 years of teaching. Yosef teaches in Portuguese, Spanish, English and Hebrew. Yosef has created and developed learning programs for gifted children and has translated several books.