Dr. Orit Martinotti

Dr. Orit Martinotti

Modern Hebrew Teacher

A Few Words About Me

Orit is a modern Hebrew teacher of all levels, basic to advanced. She believes that studying Hebrew is the best way to feel and understand the Israeli culture and nation. Hebrew is her mother tongue, and she is passionate about teaching it to students around the world, building a positive relationship with them, and developing curriculums and instructional exercises that are meaningful to them. She believes in encouraging her students with a supportive environment and is keep on bringing positive energy into the classroom through friendly and dynamic teaching.


Orit holds a B.A. in Hebrew language & Arabic Language and Literature from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. She got her M.A with “Distinction” in Hebrew Language and Jewish Languages at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. Her thesis deals with the written Judeo-Arabic language of the Jewish community of Aleppo in Syria as proven in the translation of the biblical Book of Job.

Professional Experience

Orit is a modern Hebrew teacher, specializing in teaching students studying for the Hebrew language high school finals. She has taught courses in the Hebrew University Ulpan, is an Ulpan tutor in a Jerusalem high school, and guides junior Hebrew teachers.