Judith Whitham (Tenen)
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Judith Whitham (Tenen)
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"I never would've thought it would be so good"
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"Ulpan 2 is gradually bringing me closer and closer to my ultimate goal: being able to understand and speak Hebrew. My 2 teachers so far have paved the way and helped me stay motivated all along. I really look forward to my weekly lesson, because I know it will incrementally bring me closer to my goal. The course is challenging and fun and rewarding. What more can you ask...?"
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"It has been a wonderful experience. The teachers have been helpful, patient and encouraging. And (as one of my classmates said) studying Hebrew is a sure protection against Alzheimer's disease - I presume because it keeps the brain cells stimulated and working at their peak level! "

Judith Whitham (Tenen)

Modern Hebrew and Hebrew Literature Teacher

A Few Words About Me

Judith believes in integrative learning methods, and integrates literature, art, history, actuality, and other interesting subjects into her lessons.


Judith is a senior teacher, a graduate of Kibbutzim College of Education. She studied literature and education at Tel Aviv University.

Professional Experience

Judith has 25 years of teaching experience, including as a class tutor in elementary school, junior and senior high school.

She taught various levels of Hebrew in Ulpan to newcomers from Russia and in “Ulpan Oren” to students from USA, Australia, England, and other countries.

Judith developed two multidisciplinary programs about the Golan Heights and the “Ha’apala” (The illegal immigration during the British rule in Palestine).

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