Dr. Shira Golani

Dr. Shira Golani

A Few Words About Me

Dr. Shira Golani is an Israeli-American scholar of the Hebrew Bible, born, raised and based in Jerusalem. Her academic interest and expertise encompass biblical historiographical literature – mostly focusing on the first Temple period, the Bible within its ancient Near Eastern environment, and textual criticism: the Hebrew Bible in Hebrew and in its ancient translations. She has also conducted research projects relating to the Dead Sea Scrolls and issues of lists, writing and memory in ancient Israel. In her research, she utilizes many languages, both ancient (Biblical Hebrew, Akkadian, Greek, Aramaic and Syriac) and modern (modern Hebrew, English, French and German). Her fascination with the Bible started at an early age, while in grammar school in Jerusalem, studying the fascinating stories of the Judges and of Kings Saul and David, with their beautiful Hebrew and literary qualities. King David is still her favorite Biblical character, followed by Deborah and Yael.


Dr. Shira Golani holds a PhD in Bible from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (2016), an MA in Bible (2008) and a BSc in Bible and Mathematics (2004), also from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She carried out post-doctoral work in a combined program at KU Leuven (Belgium) and the Orion Center for the Study of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Associated Literature.

Professional Experience

Dr. Shira Golani has published several articles, in both professional journals and popular venues. She is also an experienced lecturer in both Hebrew and English, in Israel and abroad. She has taught at the Bible department of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and now teaches Bible at Gordon Academic College for Education in Haifa, in addition to keeping up her position as a research assistant at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, working on the ancient translations.