Dorit Marcks
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Dorit Marcks
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"when you have teachers who are concerned for all students no matter what level they may be at and are able to guide all is just fantastic. You always feel part of the group and course. Any problem or request to e teacher is handled promptly mostly by phone until all is fixed or answered. Yes I continue to recommend all your courses."

Dorit Marcks

Modern Hebrew teacher

A Few Words About Me

Dorit did not choose to be a teacher when she first began her career. One day, she substituted a colleague who taught drama and was captivated by the magic of teaching. She always loved the written word, and the rise in the number of immigrants coming to Israel in the 90s led her to the fascinating work that she does today. Dorit believes that language is primarily a method of communication between people; it is a gateway into the culture and experience of a people and its nation in all its diversity: its leaders, historical and geographical sites, authors and poets, musicians, cuisine and so forth.

In addition to the enjoyment and interest that come with language acquisition, it also requires the willingness to devote time and patience to the little details – on the part of both teacher and student.


Dorit has a Senior Teacher Certificate from Kay Education College, And B.Ed in Education and General Literature.

Professional Experience

Dorit Marcks was a Hebrew teacher at the Ministry of Education and taught Hebrew to immigrants from the former Soviet Union, Ethiopia, England, South Africa, and more. Dorit Marcks has been teaching modern Hebrew at the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies since 2009.