Dorit Haimovich

Dorit Haimovich

Modern Hebrew Teacher

A Few Words About Me

“A wise man is he who learns from all people” (Avot, 4:1)

Working with people all over the world has given Dorit insight into how similar we all are.


Dorit holds a BA in Literature and Language from the University of Haifa, a BA in Sociology and Human Resource Management from the Western Galilee College, and a high school teaching certificate to teach literature from the Beit Berl College. She trained in teaching students with learning disabilities at the Levinsky College of Education.

Professional Experience

Dorit teaches modern Hebrew at the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies and has taught literature and Hebrew in high schools and elementary schools for many years. She taught Hebrew at the absorption center and in education completion classes in community centers and has taught immigrant students in the preparatory program for Practical Engineering at the “Ort Brauda” Technology College in Carmiel.