Daniel Birnbaum, M.A.

Daniel Birnbaum, M.A.

Yiddish, Academic Developer

A Few Words About Me

Daniel Birnbaum is passionate about Jewish languages. He is an expert in the field of the Yiddish language, literature and culture. His master’s thesis deals with the work of Abramovich (Mendale selling book( who is a very important character in Yiddish culture and literature.


Daniel started his studies at the department of literature in the Hebrew University. During his studies he became fascinated with the literature of Yiddish writers and their love for the organic spoken language of the Jews in Europe. Daniel decided to dedicate his studies and work to the practice and study of the Yiddish language. Today he holds an M.A. degree in Literature with the focus on Yiddish writers.

Professional Experience

Daniel has been teaching Yiddish since 20007 at the Tel Aviv University. He has been teaching Yiddish both to Hebrew speakers, non-Hebrew speakers, Jewish students and non-Jewish students. He has also taught Yiddish during international summer courses.