Modern Hebrew

Level 01

Learn Hebrew with Israeli teachers and connect to your Jewish roots and heritage. Connect with students like yourself from around the world and learn Hebrew together.

Course Description

Shalom! You’re about to start learning Hebrew and immersing yourself in this unique language and culture. Our Israeli teachers will guide you in this exciting experience and hold your hand, while you take your first steps.

Our beginners course will give you a strong foundation in Hebrew. We start by learning the use and sound of all the Hebrew letters and vowels, which paves the way to speaking, reading and writing easily. By the end of the course, you will know 400 new words, basic syntax, verbs in present tense and numbers. We teach Hebrew with a taste of Israel, making learning a fun and successful experience!

Course Main Takeaways

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    Level Beginner
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    Weekly Hours 2 hrs
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    Duration 9 Months
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    Accreditation This course is worth 2 credits at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Course Developer

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Tamar Weyl

Tami Weyl was a senior lecturer at the Rothberg International School for Foreign Students in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Tami Weyl has been serving…

Course Developer

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Shira Cohen-Regev, MS MSW

Shira Cohen-Regev finds the combination of teaching Hebrew and e-learning appealing and challenging and enjoys every minute of virtually teaching Hebrew. Shira believes in virtual…


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"From day one all contact has been positive, supportive and encouraging. Fred Rubens, Issac…
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"This is a truly well thought out program backed up with a terrific online…

Syllabus Summary

  • It's so Nice to Meet You!

    In our first class you’ll start learning how to introduce yourself in Hebrew. You will also learn to recognize, write, and use the first 6 letters of the Hebrew Aleph Bet.

  • I am a Student, You are a Student

    In this unit, you’ll get more into the skills involved with initiating a conversation, you will expand your vocabulary and learn some more Hebrew letters.

  • Where Do You Live?

    This unit will continue to expand your Hebrew vocabulary with the aim of strengthening your ability to converse. At the end of this unit, you should be able to conduct a basic Hebrew conversation. You’ll also be taught how to answer typical questions that might arise in day to day interactions. By the end of this unit, you and your teacher will be engaged in your first interactive dialogue.

  • What’s This? Who’s that?

    In Hebrew, every object is assigned a gender, either male or female. In this unit, you’ll learn how to identify an object as either male or female and how to describe them in plural form. As always, we’ll continue working on expanding your vocabulary.

This Course is Fully Acknowledged by the Hebrew University

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  • image descriptionGet full HUJI credits for this course
  • image descriptionValid in any academic institute that acknowledges HuJI credits
  • image descriptionReceive official Rosen certificate upon completing this course

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