What Is Amen?

Say Amen to Hebrew

This powerful word comes from the Hebrew root אמן (a-m-n) that is also related to the word אֱמוּנָה (emunah) which means “faith”. Interestingly, Amen is classified as an adjective which describes states and moods. This word is not another “Yes” or “No”. When a person says Amen, they commit themselves to a state of conscious agreement, judgement and faith. What is so amazing, is that this one small word, is universal, recognized the world over in many languages and not a lot of people know, that it is originally a Hebrew word!

It is not surprising at all that the word Amen was not translated to most languages and was simply kept in its original Hebrew form. There are so many more words that are originally Hebrew, but are used today internationally, without people realizing the ancient connection. Do you know other words like this? You will be surprised to find out how many other words you know that are originally Hebrew!

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