How To Write In Hebrew?

What are your favorite words?

A few years ago, the Academy of the Hebrew language asked the Israeli public a special question: what’s your favorite word? Many answers were given, by people of all ages from all walks of life, but one word in particular shot right up to the first place: Ahava (אהבה), “Love”. Ahava is a very ancient Hebrew word: it appears in the Bible already! Is “Love” your favorite word in your own language?

Hebrew is family

Other than love, many people also chose the word Shalom (שלום), meaning “peace,” and also “Hello.” It’s the first word you learn in first grade in Israel! Words for family members were also mentioned a lot: Aba (אבא), Ima (אמא) and Bayit (בית), which are, respectively, “father,” “mother,” and “home.” Interestingly enough, the most popular words with little boys were Kaduregel (כדורגל) and Kadursal (כדורסל): “football” and “basketball.” Surprised?

Love the language, love the life

Learning Hebrew is fun and worthwhile: soon enough you’ll have your own favorite Hebrew words. Maybe they will be Ahava or Shalom, or maybe they will be some rare or exotic word? Either way, with Rosen School of Hebrew you’ll have everything you need to succeed. The Rosen School of Hebrew offers the best teachers and the most supportive environment, live from Israel. Enroll today and you too will fall in love with Hebrew!

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