In some Jewish houses, the Hebrew remained as the Sacred Language while Yiddish is the language that is spoken during the day. The word for a table in Yiddish is Tish(Hebrew: טיש)  and this word is not just an object that you eat your meals upon it. For many Jewish Hassidic people the Tish is the highlight of the week or the Festival.

It is customary to sit around the table of the Rebbe, whose name is also “Admor” (meaning in Hebrew: our lord, our teacher, our rabbi). During a tish, the Rebbe sits at the head of the table and the Hasidim gather around the table. While sitting near the Rebbe the people look at him eating, hear his words, sing with him songs and pray prayers.


The more you are close to the table you are closest to listen to the words of the Rebbe and also to eat the leftovers of his bread. People who get the opportunity to eat bread are considered to be blessed.

Not just the Hassidim are invited to the Tish. Sometimes other Jewish and even non-Jewish people are invited, especially politicians during “Chol Hamo’ed”.
The Nigun (the song) that is sung in the Tish with the words of the Rebbe about the Torah is unforgettable. You can listen to a part of a Tish here- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7bBaVuwMdE

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